CLUB 718...

Currently on hold Club 718 will be an exclusive Club membership that will help build BRHC.Group into something very special. Initially this will be made up of 10% of our membership as of July 2021 and will then close until the following year... Membership will run 01 Jan 2022 -31 Dec 2022

From this initial 20 we will pick or vote a President of the group who will then sit on the board of directors (in name only) however they will represent the Members of Club 718 and the wider membership of BRHC.Group

The post of Club 718 President is a voluntary post that will be held for 12 months, once held, you are unable to be voted in again for 12 months.

What does it cost?

Membership to Club 718 is currently under review but you can only become a member if you have already signed up to BRHC.Group membership.

Whats included?

Club 718 Membership will include the following exclusively for it's members:

  • Travel Bag
  • T Shirt
  • Key ring
  • Valet Pro Products
  • 20% Discount on Site at BRHC.Group
  • Access to monthly Club 718 evenings and other excursions arranged by the 718 President...


Membership numbers will be strictly limited to a small percentage of the wider membership of BRHC.

What happens to this money will ultimately be decided by the Club 718 members, not the BRHC founders...

Many thanks for taking the time to read this information. This years membership is now CLOSED but if you would like to register you intrest for next year please email or Click on the Logo below...

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